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IONMAN product experience sharing

#CannotBeTheOneOnlyToUseIt #SharingIsCaring

IONMAN has been around for nearly six years, and it's been a huge hit with many of our fans over the years, and we're pleased that our products have helped many of our friends with their health problems. From this, we will often receive enthusiastic fans private message or contact us, share their experience and witness. To thank all of you for your support of IONMAN over the years, we are planning a feedback campaign from now until May 29. If you share your product experience publicly, you will have the opportunity to receive IONMAN gifts.


STEP 1: Share IONMAN product reviews on your social networking site (FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM) as public post.

STEP 2: In this post, please indicate your name, age, when and why you started using IONMAN products and how you feel after using them.
Finally, add this hashtag: #IONMAN #IONMANMalaysiaHQ # Shared Product Name (for example: #IONMANPro) and put the official website link:

** See the following sample examples

The 20 participants who have completed the above steps will be eligible to receive a gift worth RM5000.

Image: @mandytheman IG

Event duration:

From now until May 29, the winner will be announced on 2 June 2020 at IONMAN Malaysia fans page

There are 20 gifts in total to give out, the total value of these 20 gifts are RM5000


  • Participation in this event is deemed to be an agreement to authorise the use of photos or videos for IONMAN without prior notice.
  • The above activity hashtag shall be labeled in the post, and the post shall be set to the public mode.
  • Gifts are not allowed to be exchanged for cash or resold to others.
  • IONMAN reserves the right to cancel or change this event at any time without further notice.


#不能只有我用過  #有好東西就一定要與好朋友分享 #通過我的分享幫助一樣有健康問題的你們



STEP1:在您的社群網站(FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM)上,以「公開形式」分享 IONMAN 產品使用心得的圖文或影片

STEP2:在該篇發文需註明您的姓名、年齡、何時和開始使用IONMAN產品的原因及使用後感覺,最後加上本活動 hashtag:#IONMAN心得分享 #ARTech #IONMANMalaysiaHQ #分享的產品名稱 (例如:#IONMANPro),並放上官網連結 

** 請查看下方的範本例子


圖:@mandytheman IG

【活動時間】即日起至2020年5月29日,6月2日與 IONMAN 臉書粉絲專頁 公布得獎者。



  1. 參加本活動視為同意授權照片或影片供IONMAN使用,官方無需另行通知。
  2. 心得圖文/影音內容需在貼文內標籤上述本活動hashtag,並將活動貼文設定為公開模式。
  3. 禮品不允許兌換成現金,或轉售於他人。
  4. IONMAN 保留隨時取消或更改此活動的權利,官方無需另行通知。

2 thoughts on “Share your thoughts to IONMAN

  1. Kamyin Tang

    我第一次用ionman pro cream 的时候 是用在我的膝盖上,因为儿时跌伤没有好好复原而留下的后遗症,走路多了膝盖就会紧绷发热疼痛。第一次一搽上不到20分钟 就有感了,疼痛感觉减少,也很喜欢不油腻的质感。过后我每天都搽上一点在我的膝盖,默默搽完了一罐以后 我的膝盖疼痛感得到了很好的舒缓。现在我买了两罐给我妈妈搽在她的脊椎和盘骨,希望她的疼痛可以减少和慢慢恢复起来,也希望这能够帮助她避免的复杂又高风险的手术。

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